Breast Milk

The MediCopia Milk application ensures that the right infant receives the right milk container, and is targeted for use in the NICU and Nursery. MediCopia Milk application is interfaced to the hospital information system which provides MediCopia with patient census information. Hospitals must follow the same identification precautions with breast milk as they do with other bodily fluids that are dispensed or provided to their patients. The MediCopia Milk application comes in two versions. First, the MediCopia Lite product simply matches the scanning of the infant’s barcoded FIN or MRN against the barcoded FIN or MRN label affixed to the milk container. This version allows for a quick match between the infant and milk container requiring little administrative time yet it provides a much improved level of security over the current visual identification method. It also can be used simply to match an infant with the mother when the infant is brought in from the nursery. And second, MediCopia Milk Plus offers a full suite of features including inventory and tracking, milk bank donations, donor/infant management, dividing milk units, supplements, and formula distribution by calorie.

Why Our Products

Lattice has been leading in the PPID market since 1998. Currently on our 4th generation product, the MediCopia application suite supports both single community hospitals as well as large multi-facility regional implementations. Our products support multiple EMR, HIS, LIS, and BBIS vendors.

Key Points

  • Eliminates the potential of giving an infant the incorrect mother’s milk
  • Documents bedside infant feeding
  • Supports both inpatient and donated milk collection and inventory tracking Supports multiple births to a single mother or donor
  • Supports dividing milk units, supplements and formula
  • Supports NURSERY and NICU workflow