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About Lattice Products

about us

Lattice provides a full suite of integrated PPID applications for nursing and phlebotomy, updating collection data and nursing workflows in LIS, BBIS and EMR systems. These applications include specimen collection, transfusion administration, infant feeding of breast milk or formula, surgical pathology tracking, medication administration and patient meals. Our solutions include advanced features including Instant Messaging and advanced multi-facility capabilities for large hospital groups.

How We Help

Lattice MediCopia ensures quality and improves productivity for both nursing and phlebotomy, by automating positive patient identification, allowing nurses and phlebotomists to focus on patient care. Our solutions print specimen labels at the bedside, and ensure the right blood, breast milk, formula, patient meals and medications are matched to the right patient at the right time, and according to the right orders.

Why Us

Lattice has been leading the PPID market since 1998. Currently on our 4th generation product, the MediCopia application suite supports both community hospitals as well as large multi-facility regional implementations. Our products support all EMR, HIS, LIS and BBIS vendors, providing a PPID solution that works in multi-vendor environments and protects your PPID investment during any EHR, LIS or BBIS changes.