Medication Administration

In the spring of 2000, the Institute of Medicine published, “To Err is Human”, indicating that 98,000 people die per year from preventable medical errors. It has also been estimated that a minimum of 700,000+ injuries and deaths occur each year due to Adverse Drug Events. In addition, experts estimate that medication errors occur in one out of every five dosages. The MediCopia Medication Administration application eliminates medication errors, improves workflow, and provides a complete audit of caregiver’s activities.

The MediCopia Medication application interfaced to a hospital’s EMR greatly enhances medication safety and efficiency. The product enforces the five rights of medication management, ensuring the right patient receives the right drug, at the right time, with the right dose, and through the right route.

Upon approaching the patient’s bedside, MediCopia allows the nurse to scan the patient’s identification bracelet, thereby insuring positive patient identification and preventing the possibility of administering medication to the wrong patient, thereby ensuring the five rights of medication management. The nurse is also given the ability to record vital signs and any reactions experienced by the patient. The record of medications administered is then transferred to the EMR or clinical data repository so that the system is updated with the results.

MediCopia Medication is available on a number of computing platforms, including bedside PCs, cart-mounted laptops, tablet PCs or handheld computers.


Why Our Products

Lattice has been leading in the PPID market since 1998. Currently on our 4th generation product, the MediCopia application suite supports both single community hospitals as well as large multi-facility regional implementations. Our products support multiple EMR, HIS, LIS, and BBIS vendors.

Key Points

  • Ensures the five rights of medication management
  • Records patient vitals, reactions, and caregiver comments
  • Tracks and traces all medication activities
  • Integrates orders & worklists
  • Offers configurable alerts
  • Updates nursing flowsheets
  • Access to patient histories
  • Provides documentation of regulatory compliance