Patient Meals

The MediCopia Patient Meals application matches dietary trays with patients, ensuring that patients are not only getting meal they ordered, but also verifying that patients get the correct meal type (for example low sodium or diabetic).

The system can either print labels at the time of meal preparation for verification at the bedside, or it can interface with meal ordering and planning software. In either case the ADT feed is utilized to ensure positive patient identification at the time of meal delivery.




Why Our Products

Lattice has been leading in the PPID market since 1998. Currently on our 4th generation product, the MediCopia application suite supports both single community hospitals as well as large multi-facility regional implementations. Our products support multiple EMR, HIS, LIS, and BBIS vendors.

Key Points

  • Elimination of preventable misidentification errors at the time of meal delivery
  • Supports delivery either by nursing or by dedicated meal delivery personnel
  • Verification of dietary tray type
  • Ensures that the right meal is delivered to the right patient, matching the right dietary restrictions