Lattice provides patient safety software solutions ensure quality and improve productivity for specimen collection, transfusion administration, infant feeding, medication administration and anatomical pathology tracking. These applications streamline patient care, bringing error reduction, speed, and efficiency to care giving in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Why Us

Since our first release of the MediCopia Specimen Collection product in 1998, Lattice has set the standard for positive patient identification products. By providing interfaces to multiple LIS and BBIS vendors, we protect your strategic investment in a PPID system. All our applications provide best-in-class features, enabling our customers to reduce and eliminate errors associated with incorrect patient identification such as specimen mislabeling, incorrect blood bags, incorrect milk or formula, and mislabeled or lost pathology specimens.

Best-in-Class Features

MediCopia is designed around a scalable architecture with plug-in application modules, which provides a product that provides best-in-class features for both community hospital settings as well as regional hospital networks. Multi-facility capabilities allow single-server implementation of full hospital networks around a centrally managed PPID infrastructure. Instant Messaging is available for all applications, which allows caregivers to communicate with lab and nursing management

Leading Customers

Our installed customer base includes community hospitals, large single hospitals, and regional hospital groups. Our customer base includes Kaiser Permanente, the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, Mayo Clinics and Hospitals, UMass, and Parkland Hospital.