Transfusion Administration

The MediCopia Transfusion Management application interfaced to a hospital’s blood bank information system greatly enhances transfusion safety and efficiency. Designed to satisfy Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal 1, the MediCopia Transfusion Management application allows nurses to download transfusion orders to a handheld or laptop computer prior to administration of a transfusion. Upon approaching the patient’s bedside, MediCopia allows the nurse to scan the patient’s identification bracelet, thereby insuring positive patient identification and preventing the possibility of transfusing blood products to the wrong patient. MediCopia also allows the nurse to scan the blood bag to ascertain that the bag is the correct one for that patient. The nurse is given the ability to record the progress of the transfusion on the handheld computer, including vital signs, blood products transfused, and any reactions experienced by the patient. At the conclusion of the transfusion, the data collected on the handheld computer can be transferred to the blood bank information system or clinical data repository so that the system is updated with the results of the transfusion. MediCopia can also print a report for inclusion in the patient’s chart.

Why Our Products

Lattice has been leading in the PPID market since 1998. Currently on our 4th generation product, the MediCopia application suite supports both single community hospitals as well as large multi-facility regional implementations. Our products support multiple EMR, HIS, LIS, and BBIS vendors.

Key Points

  • Satisfies JCAHO requirements
  • Records patient vitals, reactions, and caregiver comments
  • Tracks and traces all transfusion activities
  • Integrates orders & worklists
  • Alerts for vitals, issue time and duration exceeded
  • Provides documentation of regulatory compliance